Luminous Warrior

A last minute trip this week to help out the folks at Luminous Warrior. This is a new training center opening in downtownWashington DC.  I was able to fly up and install their mats on short notice.  They selected the 1.5” Tatami textured Zebra Mats which are great for a multipurpose facility such as this one.  Now they are open for business!  If you are in the DC area plan to stop by and check them out.




  1. Mark Dilworth says:

    Website looks good, especially like the logo.

  2. Sara Salam says:

    We are so grateful for the work that Bob has done for us! Not only did he fly up on shoort notice – he was very professional, courteous and kind, and he worked tirelessly to get us ready. The mat install was complicated because our walls are not square anywhere (we’re located across from Ford’s Theatre so think of the age of the building!), but Bob did an extraordinary job installing the mats. It was absolutely impressive and it was incredible to see him at work. He left our Space sparkling and clean and with mats that are sure to impress.
    I am extremely happy and would recommend him at any time for other center owners, which is not what I do a lot of. ;-) If you have a martial arts floor to install and need a professional installer, this is the man for the job!

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